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Why mosquitoes love me so much? Please note I 'm not stinky and I never wear perfume while camping!!!?

Mosquitos are attracted to many things that we, as mammals, produce on a regular basis. This includes lactic acid that is produced by the skin and carbon dioxide that we exhale with each breath. Both of these compounds are detectible by mosquitos at levels far lower than those that we can smell, and at a far greater distance. However, these are not the only compounds that mosquitos can detect - in fact, some species mosquitos do not even detect these two chemicals, but can 'smell' up to 340 different other chemicals present in our bodies.

In short, there's not much you can do to prevent mosquitos from liking your scent. Changing your diet may have effects, but it is difficult to say which foods would increase or decrease your susceptability. Scent-based repellants would be your only answer in practicality.Why mosquitoes love me so much? Please note I 'm not stinky and I never wear perfume while camping!!!?
The mosquitoes are also attracted to what u eat. So if u eat something sweet like a banana then they will be attracted to you even more.Why mosquitoes love me so much? Please note I 'm not stinky and I never wear perfume while camping!!!?
Your wearing ';your'; perfume your natural oder is what attracts them my husbands the same way they always bite him i hardly ever get bit.
don't wear dark clothes. or maybe it's light colored clothes?
Mosquitos love you because you're food to them.

Try a sunscreen that also has repellent.

Also try taking a vitamin - B or multivitamin that has B complex in it. The B vitamins that make your urine extra yellow also change your scent and make you less appealing to the buggers. I had read this in a magazine once, and realized that was probably the reason why I wasn't getting bit as much anymore.
I've heard that it sometimes depends on what you eat or drink.Like if you drink sugary sodas or eat sweets even fruit,can sometimes attract mosquitoes.
Among other things, mosquitoes are attracted to heat and carbon-dioxide (what you exhale). You could be unusually warm and/or have the ';perfect'; exhale concoction that mosquitoes just love?
Do you sweat a great deal? Or are you light skinned? Because they are attracted to fair to light skinned people.
We are just unlucky.... (I'm the same way).........I can be in a crowd..........and those suckers will pick ME.. to bite.......

I use alot of ';OFF'; while outside or camping, fishing, etc...........
It's true that the chemical composition of some people's sweat and skin oils does attract more mosquitos. Some scientists believe that lactic acid is an attractor, some propose that Vitamin B in human sweat is a repellant, some say garlic in human sweat works to deter them too. Certain skin care products may also serve as attractors, whether or not they are scented, for example petroleum-based products are believed to be attractors.

So.... have you been skipping your vitamins and/or using Vaseline type products? That could be making a difference.
First only female mosquitos bite...they need blood to incubate their eggs.

It's isn't sweating that attracts the little blood suckers, it is carbon

dioxide you breathe out that attracts them. Perfumes don't attract them either.
You have blood don't you?
It's not cologne that attracts mosquitoes, but rather the carbon dioxide that you exhale while breathing.

Some folks CO2 is just better than others I guess!
you eat salt and sugar and mosquitoes love that ...your body Sucrets it in sweat...
Honnestly you should wear perfume while camping because they like your smell...thats what mosquitoes are attracted to the most if you wear perfume it masks your smell and should actually keep them away from you...I went on a hike with my cousin and my sister and I was the only one to come back with bites...not only was I the lightest skinned person in the group (which may have something to do with it) but I know I was the one who was sweating the most.
I don't know for sure, but I know that I'm also a mosquito magnet. I've been told that it has something to do with the blood vessels being closer to the skin than other people. I've also heard that certain electrolytes have an impact on how mosquito's find their prey (so to speak). This evening, I was outside and mosquito's were practically swarming me, while my boyfriend didn't notice any...I do believe it has to do with your circulation and blood being near the surface of the skin. So, they ';smell'; us better than other people. I also bruise easily, so this explanation makes sense. Wear deet containing repellents and good luck. :-)
Do you have O+ blood? I read somewhere that misquitoes have a taste for that. I believe it because thats the blood type I have and they make a feast of me when ever I go out. I have friends that get close to me because they know I am more likely to get bit than they are.

You do produce oders that atract miquitoes even though you annot smell them yourself. CO2 also attracts them.
I don't know but they reallly like me to.
Me, too! Whenever I'm out walking at night with my family, I'm the only one that seems to get bitten. Maybe it's our sweat and stuff in it that attracts those pesky buggers.

My mom says that they like me and are kissing me lol.
I heard that an access of Potassium (like bananas) in the blood atracts more and so does sweat. But even just the smallest amount of garlic in your diet will help keep them away.
my daughter has the same problem...try avon skin-so-soft when camping. get the spray bottle and apply
I remember when I used to visit my brother. Everybody in his family got multiple mosquito bites while I got none.

The difference between me and him, his wife and sons was that I took B Vitamins, watched my diet better (less sugar %26amp; fatty foods) and was in better shape.

He would laugh when one would hover around my arm. Then I'd point out to him that it wouldn't even land on my arm. Not sure why, saw on one site where they smell MTB (more than blood).

Could be sweat or what's in the sweat. Do know overweight people sweat easier.

Which note/notes do you gravitate towards in perfumes?

Bonus: tell me your zodiac sign as well.Which note/notes do you gravitate towards in perfumes?
Citrus and white flowers (sweet smelling).Which note/notes do you gravitate towards in perfumes?
im lost

but im leo
for perfume i lyk strong powerful but nice smelling ones lyk ';Mirecule so magic'; or ';Hypnose'; by lacome (sry my spling is so bad!!:()

and my star sign is Leo!! Roarrrrrrrrrrr!!

hope i answered it right!

Perfume with dominent jasmine note?

which commercial brandname perfume has a strong jasmine note in it?Perfume with dominent jasmine note?
ah, the perfect perfume for your is GUCCI RUSH. I think if your looking for a jamine note you will love it. Try Macy's, Dillards, or even online on ebayPerfume with dominent jasmine note?
YSL opium..its got exotic jasmine notes! you can also go in for pure poison faithful to it!

Are there any perfumes that have a good note of freesia in them?

I love how fresh freesia smells and am looking for a spray of some kind that smells like it. Something similar to the original Liz Claiborne perfume in the triangle bottle if you are familiar. Thanks for your help.Are there any perfumes that have a good note of freesia in them?
bath and body works has a great one

Perfume with dominent jasmine note?

which commercial brandname perfume has a strong jasmine note in it?Perfume with dominent jasmine note?鈥?/a>

Which perfumes have musky smells/notes?

For a long time I've been told that I would suit a perfume that has a musky smell to it, but I frankly have no real idea about what that is/what it means. Preferably it should be something fairly availible and not overly expesive. Thanks for all help! ;-)Which perfumes have musky smells/notes?
i have the same issue i tried channel coco mademoiselle and it smelled wonderful give it a try at any store it may work for you 2!!Which perfumes have musky smells/notes?
Try Hypnotic Poison. Great stuff....musky with a hint a vanilla.
Try Avon's Imari. It is the perfect musk!!It smells sexy and adn not too musky.It is really inexpensive. U get the the perfume, a to go perfum, body wash and lotion, for $20. It really lasts long, too.
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  • What would a man think if a woman sent him a note with perfume in it?

    iam sure he'll loved it believe me they just smelling us even if we are not near them!!What would a man think if a woman sent him a note with perfume in it?
    that she must have knocked her bottle over by mistake, LOL!

    no, I guess I'd think that she wanted to know whether I like the perfume or not....but never having received such a letter I wouldn't really know, sorry.What would a man think if a woman sent him a note with perfume in it?
    Sounds cute, but make sure the perfume smells good. It also depends on how well you know the person.
    This smells good
    I would think that you are sending me a signal that you have an interest in me.